Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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lame xhapdate!
penat maseh terase!
masa pergi xterasa!
rindu makin menebal!
haissh busy nyoooo laaaaaaa.
maafla kalu xleh bagi komitmen kat certain2 benda tu ye!
im not a supa dupa power. boleh buat byk benda dalam satu masa.

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When you constantly can't stop thinking of him. When you wait for him to go online, or when you wait for a phone call or when you wait for a text. When you see something and it reminds you of him. When you talk about him to your friends, a lot. When you start to read over messages, saved conversations or you replay moments of your life with him in your head. When you realise that when you're out, you look around to see if you "accidentally" bump into him. When you hope to talk late that night again, like you two would used to. When you realise your friends get sick of you talking about him. When you want to hug him again, or kiss him, or just be with him. When you listen to songs and you think "This was our song." When you go somewhere and you reminisce on what happened there with him. When you think of him before you go to sleep. That's when you know you miss him.

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